Cameroon Entertainment Industry In Crisis. Bloggers, Musicians & Producers At War With One AnotheršŸ˜©

It is obvious from this weeks Facebook updates, Twitter feeds and comments that all is not well in the Cameroon Entertainment industry especially within the English speaking Cameroon entertainment sector. Mammypi Fashion blog has been basking in all the shades others have thrown in streaming from the Christian Louboutin shoe incident.

Others have taken upon themselves to instigate hate and stare up what to them should be a hate relationship between Mammypi & Syndy Emade. As professionals, both parties have ignored all the haters and have since moved on to other more pertinent issues. However, away from the fashion scene, there has been a series of updates indicating all is not well in the music industry.

It seem to have all started with a single tweet from rapper and producer Jovi from New Bell Music. After the producers tweet went viral, all held broke loose and everything else and everyone else went at loggerhead with one another. We could not help but notice the growing amount of shade on statuses, comment section and Twitter clapback.

Take a minute and enjoy some of the most onbioud catfights from some of our most progilic team 237 entertainers. Without going into too much details, here are some of the status updates, comments, tweets that caught our attention. Read for yourself below.

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The one status that really caught our interest was artiste Nabil’s Facebook update. The ‘This Is Africa’ #TIA singer wrote this on his status,Ā 

“Too many fake people in the industry.. Steal people’s concepts and think money can make it work? No! labels that you only hear about when there is drama.. 100 plans that don’t work to no one’s advantage, but for their selfish untalented interest, only big big grammar and story for the gods.. what have u really done for the industry.. only talk.. Baba make una no ever cross my path again.. cause Nabil4real don’t play that artist game, to real for this fakeness. When it’s my idea no one can do it better.. una keep trying ..”

What could be the real issue holding the Cameroon entertainment industry from growing guys? shoot a comment below and let us know what could be done better.

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Cameroon Entertainment Industry In Crisis. Bloggers, Musicians & Producers At War With One AnotheršŸ˜©