Low Skilled Labourers Adopt New Channels To Announce Their Services

Low Skilled Labourers Adopt New Channels To Announce Their Services

[su_heading]Labourers Adopt New Channels To Announce Their Services[/su_heading]

The self-employed persons have now adopted a new channels to make the public know the services they offer and how to contact them. These days, it is common place to see small boards nailed on electric poles along the streets. These boards announce the services of a plumber, electrician or carpenter just to name a few and their telephone number in case they need to contact them.

In Bomaka for example George is a plumber but he is equally a commercial bike rider. He says the times are hard since his job as a plumber pays him less so to meet up has to carry passengers on his bike to and from the main highway to their homes. So the only way anybody who needs his services as a plumber gets to him through his telephone which he has placed on the board.

On his part Benson Eben – a carpenter says there is too much competition so sometimes he goes for weeks without being invited to work. So this father of four decided to make the services he offers on a board nailed to an electric pole at the junction of his neighborhood. Through this way it is easy for somebody in need of his services to contact him.

Low Skilled Labourers Adopt New Channels To Announce Their Services

For a housing estate caretaker Aben here, he says he is without an office talk alone money to advertise in the mass media. So the only way he can make prospective tenants to know there is accommodation in his place is through the placards he has put up at strategic junctions in Bomaka.

Mola Stone who initially worked in the now defunct Public Works Department in the then West Cameroon says he is retired but not tired. That is why he still wants to grab a few francs from those who need his services whenever their septic tank starts overflowing. He said even though he is a popular man in Bomaka he has put a notice on an electric pole at the junction leading to his house.

The head of mechanic garage here, Ewane said initially these electric poles used to serve as breaks to drivers whose vehicles had brake failure. But today things have changed low skilled labourers have made it their notice board on which they announce the services they offer.

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