It’s super mum’s week here at Mammypi. Each day, mums find new and creative ways to keep kids entertain and still manage to do the things they love doing. I had the pleasure of having a whole weekend of fun with two super mums Maischna Magazine & Maureen N L of 3G Mom over a cup of tea in the beautiful city of Cologne a week ago. A week later, I decided it was about time I do a little post about super mum Muareen Njotsa Lermer. Blown away by her multi-talent and skills at different things I was left with no choice but honour her in this piece.

shoe  top

Mums out there will agree with me it is not easy raising teenagers, running blogs, turning up for fashion shoots, cultivating crops in your own farm and styling hair for her three beautiful kids who are all naturalistas and still have the time to make those around her feel beautiful.

This woman is talented beyond words. It is no doubt she has featured in television adverts, several blogs across the web, newspapers and magazines. Her skill set spans across, jewellery making, dress making, blogging, hair & makeup, gardening, photo shots and off course being a super mum. It would go without saying her body tone is down to her busy lifestyle but believe me this woman is a fitness fanatic as well. She makes the clothes she wears look effortless chic and sexy.

If you like her style and want a dress similar to what she is rocking then clicks on the links next to the product for more details. What do you think of Mammypi’s super mum of the month? Leave a comment below let us know your thoughts.



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  1. I feel honored and pray most moms see their gifts as blessings. I would say I often check on Mammphys styling suggestions to help me put together my outfits. Thanks a lot for taking your time and sharing with us.


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