In the last couple of weeks, media sites have been trending with hashtags of #Oneday messages with picture messages bearing the #Oneday message. Just like the #Nomakeupselfiefor cancer,OneDaymovement is a campaign to create awareness targeted at audiences that include but not only social media users but also those who have no access to such facilities giving them a message of Hope. The movement is the brain child of Nabil Fongod popularly known as Nabil4real on his social media sites.

These messages are communicated by a strongly retained fan base. The fans posing pictures of themselves with a finger raised to the sky aiming for the stars or to eventually to be stars; they believe that through hard work things will get better OneDay and each and every individual will realise their set goals.


Nabil’s idea stems from the frustration connected to how much talent goes unnoticed amongst young people especially in Cameroon & the world over. This is due to the lack of opportunities and events for young artist to showcase their talents and how much of their hard work goes unnoticed. The vision for the movement is beyond the pictures and social media but hopes to bring the wish of someone to reality! The movement that was borne in the mind of one person has drawn over 1000 pictures from supporters across the globe. This goes to tell how much influence this artist has in setting trends and encouraging and being a role model of other young people. With the sudden growth of the #OneDayMovement, Nabil has had the privilege of displaying pictures of #OneDay poses in the prestigious art museum in Belgium.

To support this course why not join the growing movement and take a picture of yourself and post on Facebook. Apage called OneDayPose has been created were all pictures are posted and tagged. You can also mention #Oneday #OneDayMovement #OneDayPose in your tweets and invite your friends and family to join the movement.

The reason Nabil maintains persistency, determination and hard work throughout his musical career, is the strong feeling knowing that OneDay, the world would get to experience his talent.

Whatever you are facing or going through in life, this is a message of hope for you to know there is always a better tomorrow in the offing.

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