Winter Styling Made Easy With Exclusive Kipling Bag

Winter Styling Made Easy With Exclusive Kipling Bag

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Hi guys, I am really excited to share with you this exclusive Arto print  Kipling bag. If you are a bag lover like myself, you will know the brand is famous for its lightweight nylon bags. I decided to go for this bag from the brands new exclusive collection because of the weight, the colours and the cute little monkey (Davina). 

I will highly recommend this Atro printed bag for its versatility. It is convenient for long haul travels. The soft strap and lightweight material will help you carry your essentials without going above weight limit.  Not only does the bag come with two pretty detailed zipping on the front, it also comes with a cute monkey key string.  As a matter of fact, the bag has about six pouches, a key fob and the beautiful #Kipling logo.

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#KiplingBags #Kipling #Kiplingglobal #KiplingExclusive

#KiplingBags #Kipling #Kiplingglobal #KiplingExclusive

Granted, this piece of arm candy will take your style a notch up with its print and bright colours. The bag is suitable for students, mums on the go and able to carry all your must-have on the go accessories. . In one word, Davina, the cute monkey was an instant seller.

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