Top Cameroon designers include Dan Mofor, EB Kreations, Eloli, Stanlion

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Cameroon Designers

At Mammypi, our goal is to showcase the artistic work of Cameroon designers. With the sudden growth in the uses and gratification of media, more and more youths turn to it for opportunities. 

What this means is, social connectivity has provided a platform where talents are exposed. With this in mind, we have seen the emergence of more and more fashion designers from Cameroon.  

In that effect, our goal is to throw more light on the works of stylist and Cameroonian Fashion Designers. This is not only limited to those at home but also, in the diaspora. Anyi Asonganyi of OZI INTERNATIONAL, Ngwane of Margo’s Mode, and Amah Bertrand are some of the popular designers in Cameroon.