Thursday, November 26, 2020


Toghu Print

The Toghu print or Atoghu fabric is one of Cameroon’s most popular print. This is because of the beautiful texture of the fabric and it rich feel on the skin. Furthermore, the Toghu has gained attention outside Cameroon with the birth of social media. Comparatively, with other traditional Cameroon prints and fabrics, the Toghu is much loved across Cameroon. Atoghu or Toghu depending on where you are from in Cameroon is mostly worn by royalty in the North West Province and Western Province of Cameroon. Here, you will find all the Toghu fabric styles, beautiful toghu designs and best atoghu dressmakers in Cameroon.

BlueCrest School of Fashion and design

Afrik Fashion Trend Graduates From Accra’s BlueCrest School Of Fashion And Dedicates Graduation Collection...

Cameroonian fashion designer Sulet Nkafu officially graduates from BlueCrest School of Fashion and Design. BlueCrest stands as one of Ghana's leading school of fashion...

Toghu Print Outfit Ideas From Emelda & Serge’s #Wakanda Theme Pushparty

There’s always time and room to rave about the latest Toghu print outfit ideas. Being a proud Grass field ‘Graffi’ daughter who better to...
Toghu and Agbada Outfits

These Groomsmen & Groom Moments Are A Must-See in Toghu and Agbada Outfits

It's a traditional wedding proudly inspired by the colours and flavours of Cameroon. Yes! we are privileged to the exclusive traditional wedding pictures of Mr...

Shaitou Cho’s Beautiful Red-Carpet ‘Toghu’ Dress

Toghu Dress Style By Shaitou Cho Can the Toghu get any more contemporary than this? As a nation, I think Cameroon has come a long...
Menswear Designer Amah Bertrand Accuses Sha Sha Of Copyright Breach

Menswear Designer Amah Bertrand Accuses Sha Sha Of Copyright Breach

 AMAH VS SHA SHA NEW Who is a Fashion Designer? Menswear designer Amah Bertrand Versus Sha Sha New A fashion designer is someone who loves to...