We all sometimes wishfully think someone dear to us will throw us the most amazing surprise party to mark a birthday or another important event in our life. Preparing the surprise party is always a big deal. Getting the surprise party work as plan needs expert masterminding. That exactly is what happened to Rene when he declared a week long celebration for his birthday but got more than he could have imagined. IMG_0236 Diamonds,glitz and glamour was the black tie theme. Vanessa was all facebeat next to Rene who was overwhelmed with smiles and Mammypi at the surprise birthday party. IMG_0190 Chiméne  the hostess was all smiles seeing how happy her beau was and to a successful event. IMG_0102 IMG_0221 IMG_0257 Birthday boy Rene on the dinner table with friends and family. While champagne is served. IMG_0296 There is no birthday party without food and drinks. The guest were treated to delicious barbecue and plenty of champagne throughout the evening.

IMG_0053 IMG_0335

IMG_0377Family #turnup IMG_0560Marie looking hot in a black fitting jumpsuit brought in so much style and glamour to the birthday party.



And that folks, is how we partied the weekend celebrating Rene’s black tie birthday party. The party was marked by plenty of laughter especially from the celebrant. The ladies all looked smashingly beautiful in their little black dresses whilst the gents complimented in crisp white shirts and custom made suits. Great surprise birthday party idea for a love one.

I hope you enjoy the birthday pictures and please  join me in wishing Rene many more happy returns and may his every day be filled with love, happiness, good health and plenty of laughter.

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