Friday, July 10, 2020


No matter your hair journey , whether you’re a proud of our afro hair or rocking a fierce weave, Mammypi is your number one destination for all things African hair care.

Why not check out our weekly roundups of editor-approved Cameroon hair products for every texture, length, hair color and hairstyle. We’ve got the lowdown on how to achieve the trendiest celebrity looks straight from the mouths of their hairstylists. Scroll down for the hottest trends for natural, relaxed, braids, locs, transitioning hair, and more. Off course, we do feature our top African hair brands and hairstylist.

Saving Mbango Movie

Cameroon Film Industry Almost Broke Stephanie Tum. Now She’s Back With ‘Saving Mbango’

After working hard on her movie production Saving Mbango, Stephanie has successfully bagged a deal with Orange Cameroon. The movie premiere...
Denai Jekesai Gurira Chic Hair Cuts and bald looks

‘Black Panther’: Danai Gurira Chic Bald Hairstyles, Afro Looks and Box Braids

American actress and Black Panther star Danai Jekesai Gurira is 41 years old can you believe that? Dania was born on the 14 of...
Afro Kinky Hairstyles

Big Afro Kinky Hairstyles For Black Women With Type 4C Hair

It’s no secret that in recent years, afro kinky hairstyles have become the new trend for many black women. From on-screen visibility to in-store...

Chic, Bold and Bald Hair Cut For The Beautiful and Confident Black Women

Have you ever considered a buzz or a bald haircut? That is cutting your hair off completely? If you need some inspiration, then read...
Celebrity blonde hairstyles

Sexy Celebrities Wearing The Edgy Blonde Hairstyle Inspired By Kim Kardashian

Throughout the many hairstyle options, black women usually shy away from blonde hairstyles. However, if anything, black women can rock all the choices, shades...