Saturday, December 5, 2020


Toghu Print

The Toghu print or Atoghu fabric is one of Cameroon’s most popular print. This is because of the beautiful texture of the fabric and it rich feel on the skin. Furthermore, the Toghu has gained attention outside Cameroon with the birth of social media. Comparatively, with other traditional Cameroon prints and fabrics, the Toghu is much loved across Cameroon. Atoghu or Toghu depending on where you are from in Cameroon is mostly worn by royalty in the North West Province and Western Province of Cameroon. Here, you will find all the Toghu fabric styles, beautiful toghu designs and best atoghu dressmakers in Cameroon.

Colourful Cameroon Fashion Toghu accessories

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Bamenda Toghu Print Traditional Wedding Outfits

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Toghu and Agbada Outfits

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Best Traditional Regalia from Cameroon the Toghu or Atoghu

Hot Shot: Christian Couple Pre-Valentine’s Day Toghu Print Fashion Photoshoot

According to internet sources, traditional regalia is an official and special outfit with decorations, especially worn during formal ceremonies. The traditional regalia in most cultures is a cherished garment...