#237Celebs| Share Their Cheerful Christmas Day Photos

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Who wore the best Christmas day outfit this year? It is a tradition for celebrities and public figures to dress up in festive colors during the holiday season. Also, they shoot a gallery of Christmas photos for their fans and families in beautiful and sometimes, naughty outfits.

Below, we showcase some of the best Christmas outfits by Cameroonian celebrities this year. Who do you think is naughty or nice in these red outfits?

SEE MORE CELEBRITY OUTFITS #237Celebs| Share Their Cheerful Christmas Day PhotosStephanie Tum sits elegantly as she displays some legs askia karin christmas outfitRap Queen Askia Karin poses like a real  boss wearing a cape and beautiful hatEliane Glamstar Eliane  sends out tidings of great joy in the cutest smile that will melt hearts

Syndy EmadeSyndy Emade is naughty in the rachy outfit as she waits for her Santa in bed.#237Celebs| Share Their Cheerful Christmas Day PhotosThe Audreys, Lucie Audrey, and Mokam Audrey play both naughty and nice in this photo.#237Celebs| Share Their Cheerful Christmas Day PhotosStephanie Fosi, Miss Cameroon Switzerland always has the best seasonal cheer#237Celebs| Share Their Cheerful Christmas Day PhotosFrank Sire gets into the family spirit this #Christmas with a family photo.#237Celebs| Share Their Cheerful Christmas Day Photos

Adamma Bazil matches her makeup with the seasonal colors

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