Hot Ankara Blazer Styles for men

Ankara blazers are taking over the fashion world. The success of the movie “Black Panther” had everyone excited about showcasing their inner “African-ness”.  In turn, this has made the Ankara a very trendy fabric. Accordingly, a new Ankara style of clothing emerges every day. One of the latest styles is the men’s blazer. No doubt, men and women both wear blazers. However, the men’s Ankara blazer is different. It is very daring, stylish and unique.

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The Ankara blazer is gorgeous on dark African skin

The Ankara blazer may need some courage to pull off.  Because it is a print, the fabric alone can sometimes be very busy. However, the usually vibrant colors greatly complement black skin. In fact, the rich color is stylishly muted by the dark gorgeous African skin. This oozes an overall allure that is very hard to resist.

You can rock the Ankara blazer both formally and casually

The Ankara print blazer is an exciting dimension to a corporate worker’s wardrobe. Wearing one is an opportunity to impress without going against the dress code. By the same token, a full Ankara suit has become popular. This is a complete suit with a blazer, pants, and waistcoat made fro the same Ankara fabric. Nevertheless, some designers pair their blazers with pants and waistcoats in different prints. This mix-match suit might seem overpowering. However, if styled properly, the final look is uncoordinated, over-the-top, yet completely stylish.

Be that as it may, the go-to look for most guys is an Ankara blazer paired with a classic shirt and tailored pants. Certainly, this style is an intriguing blend of western and African fashion. Therefore, it has become a common style for formal events. Remarkably, it has also gained appeal with men of other cultures as well.

Ultimately, most guys opt for pairing the Ankara blazer with jeans. This is a somewhat casual look yet still stylish and very edgy. You most certainly wouldn’t go unnoticed in an Ankara blazer!

So, I say to you guys, get you an Ankara blazer. It will definitely add a unique and chic flair to your wardrobe and to any outfit!






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