The first daughter of Cameroon Brenda Anastasia Biya continues to show-off her designer wardrobe and evolving street-style with her followers. Brenda loves to share her very high-end luxury fashion labels, and we have learned from her style that she has a love for Fendi fashion. Because the noughties are in love with style and opulence, Brenda is no exception.

Brenda Anastasia Biya Styles Trendy $8400.00 Fendi Jacket

Not long ago, we shared an article about Brenda rocking a sweatshirt from the Fendi and Nicki Minaj collaboration. It would be best if you read the refreshing style article here. This week, the first daughter of Cameroon, Brenda Biya showed her curious fans another impeccable style from her Fendi collection.

Brenda Anastasia Biya
Brenda Anastasia Biya
Brenda Biya shows us how she styles the Fendi embossed jacket. Do you like her style?

Brenda posted a series of Instagram worthy photos of herself wearing the Karligraphy-Embossed Patent Leather Trench Coat which cost $8400.00. Interestingly, the Fendi coat crafted from patent leather with a glossy finish completely sold out. As can be seen, Bree put in her fashion spin wearing the same chunky gold earrings with Fendi initials. In case you are wondering the brand’s ostentatious accessories goes to serve the needs of presidents children. Nevermind, you can get yourself a much more trendy patent coat at a reasonable price using this link.


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