Nadine Nangah

Nadine Nanga, one of the most famous Cameroonian restaurateur, celebrates her birthday today, September 7th. The Yaounde restaurant owner who goes by the stage name Sabi Pikin is prominent thanks to her restaurant business Racines.

Famous Cameroonian Restaurateur Nadine Nangah‘s Retro Birthday Style

Known for operating one of the best restaurants in Yaounde Cameroon, the famous restaurateur also knows a thing about style. Nadine celebrates her birthday in a classic Hollywood style lighting up a cigarette in the most fashionable way ever. Stars like James Dean, Brigette Bardot are some names famous for vintage cigarette photos. While icons like Audrey Hepburn and Ginger Rogers also puffed on cigarettes in the films.

Not only did the birthday girl bring a classic puff to our timelines, but Nadine also delivered french girl style in the birthday photos. The restaurant owner poses in a series of sexy birthday photos. In a semi-nude set of photos, she sips on a glass of celebratory champagne in a bedroom. In another outfit, she wears a black beret, hoop earrings and a pink lipstick. Nadine threw on a fashionable pair of animal print cat-eye glasses to complete her accessories.

The look delivers a perfect retro touch to an outfit, with a very modern look. Take a look below and be inspired by these beautiful birthday photos. Lastly, don’t forget to take a second and wish the celebrant a happy birthday.

Cameroonian Restaurateur Nadine Nangah
Cameroonian Restaurateur Nadine Nangah
Cameroonian Restaurateur Nadine Nangah
Cameroonian Restaurateur Nadine Nangah
 Nadine Nangah

Photography by Penjo Studios

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