African beads jewelry is very unique and will make you stand out any day, anytime! In fact, the African beads jewelry is what you will call statement jewelry. Therefore, if you love statement jewelry and need new inspiration on ways to wear them? You better keep on reading.

African Beads Jewelry and the Beauty of Africa

In the first place, the African beads jewellery is far much more than just accessories. Uniquely, they represent the amazing vibrancy, diversity, and beauty that is Africa. Therefore, not only are they keenly inspired by traditional art, they are grounded in culture. Altogether, the African beads jewelry boasts of a certain boldness and vivaciousness that bar none.

To stand out, you have to be a little extra

Generally speaking, my personal fashion mantra to stand out is to always “be a little extra”. And if you ask me, the best way to be extra, is by adding flair. In essence, by flair, I mean accessories, of course! Especially, the African beads. From bibs to collars, capes to necklaces, headpieces, bangles, bracelets, anklets etc., the options are endless.

Some African beads jewelry to inspire you

If you are wondering if there is a style out there for you, then worry no more! There certainly is. Here are some African beads jewelry to be inspired by:

  • Maasai necklace from Kenya
  • Igbo and Edo coral beads from Nigeria (worn primarily by brides)
  • Vilanda necklace from Angola (traditionally worn by married women only and never removed, once it is worn).
  • Ingqosha (Xhosa necklace) from South Africa
  • Dinka necklace from Sudan
  • Nyangatom necklace from Ethiopia
  • Hamer necklace from Ethiopia
  • Fulani jewelry (usually gold and brass earrings and necklaces) etc.

Black Panther and Fulani Jewelry

In the light of the above options, did you spot Angela Basset on the premiere of Black Panther? While you probably did not notice her Fulani inspired gold earrings, we did. In fact, check out the images below and see for yourself. Ultimately, whichever African beads jewelry you choose to draw inspiration from, just know that you are guaranteed to look divine!

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