The Blue “Fox” seems to be one of the fastest selling shoes from Ivyscouture London brand. I just checked on their Instagram account and saw they had posted images of another happy client who had received a pair of this beautiful suede Blue pumps. A couple of days after blogging about Irene Majors collaboration with Ivyscouture London, I  received this beautiful sexy royal blue suede pumps in the post.

The last time I purchased a blue pair of pumps was from River Island about 6 years ago. Since then, I had been in search for the perfect blue shoes that is versatile, comfortable, trendy and sexy at the same time.

The height of this shoes is great for those who don’t want shoes that are to high or to low. It is sort of the perfect heel size for the in-between lady. You can basically wear the shoes for 24 hrs without feeling a pinch. The cut-out sides adds some sexy glamour to the shoes. Without the bold hues I think the shoe would have looked too basic.

The colour of the shoes is popping enough to bring any dull outfit to life. It is one of those shoes designed to be the main focus of the outfit. You can wear it with a simple little black dress and this shoes will still get all eyes on you. GENUINE REVIEW OF THE ROYAL BLUE "FOX" PUMPS FROM IVYSCOUTURE GENUINE REVIEW OF THE ROYAL BLUE "FOX" PUMPS FROM IVYSCOUTURE ROYAL BLUE PUMPS BY IVYSCOUTRE LONDON

I can testify to you this shoe is a wardrobe essential for every lady.We all need a pair of court shoes just incase the perfect occasion presents itself. This shoes cost £149.99 but the good news is you don’t have to pay no tax or shipping cost which is a huge relief. The style is guaranteed to suit any occasion whether it’s work or party. You can pair them with tailored pieces, jeans and dresses.

Let us know if you would splurge £149.99 and this lovely blue shoes. Is it too much money for a pair of shoes or it is worth the cost? 

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