SAI SANKOH Maldives Goddess Kaftan

Hi guys, thank you for stopping by to see what your fave fashionista is wearing. Today, I am feeling like a queen in my freely-flowing $295.00 long Maldives Goddess Kaftan by Sankoh. While I am in my feelings, I think there should be an international Sai Sankoh Kaftan week. Here me out. Sai Sankoh kaftans are becoming a rage amongst A-Listers and micro influencers. Firstly, Destiny’s Child Michelle Williams rocked a Sai Sankoh Zendaya pantsuit to Essence Festival. Likewise, top model Iman also effortlessly slayed an Nwara Goddess Kaftan. Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily has been rocking Sai Sankoh pieces and here I am in a Maldives Goddess Kaftan from the same label.

The multi print, lightweight kaftan brings that punch and some little extra oomph to the wardrobe with its beautiful warm colours. While most of us consider kaftans to be only suitable as beachwear, it can, however, be worn to any event if styled correctly. As can be seen, the fabric is luxurious, flirty and extremely high fashion. It feels comfy on the skin and comes with a certain kind of elegance that can only be experienced and not explained.

How To Style Your Long Maldives Goddess Kaftan

What’s not to love about this simple outfit for summer? I made this kaftan look crisp simply by styling it with a pair of clear heel sandals. Wearing heels somehow gives the impression that you travel by uber most of the time lol. We all know that commuting in London on heels is somewhat impossible right?

Because I wanted to add the right amount of sophistication to the look, I styled it with my white bamboo bag for the city. Bamboo bags are in trend. Every fashion blogger is carrying one and the good news is they are very affordable yet super stylish. The bag serves as the perfect option for a print kaftan and perfectly blends with the fabric. Did you spot my cat-eye sunglasses for added glam? Yes! The sun is out and sunglasses season is fully here.

Absolutely Gorgeous Kaftan By Sai Sankoh

a Maldives Goddess Kaftan
Showing off my long braids
a Maldives Goddess Kaftan
By all means, pair your kaftan with a pretty white bamboo bag
a Maldives Goddess Kaftan
As shown above, dangling earrings totally work for the look
a Maldives Goddess Kaftan
Pair your kaftan with heels or a pair of flats as long as you feel comfortable in them
a Maldives Goddess Kaftan
Side look
Multi print summer  kaftan
Cat-eye sunglasses
Multi print summer  kaftan
Flaunting legs
Multi print summer  kaftan
Multi print summer  kaftan

Different from other fashion outfits, caftans are a one size fits all. They are perfect for any body size or shape due to the loose cut while also providing extra body confidence.

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