Skinny Jeans and Blazer Style

Sometimes, we just want an easy relaxed outfit, don’t we? For me, a blazer and a pair of skinny jeans do that job amazingly.  The combination of jeans and blazer is incredibly versatile. As a matter of fact, matching a blazer and a pair of jeans is effortlessly appealing, chic and convenient. Hence, men and women alike are able to wear the trend. Depending on the look you want to create, you can opt for skinny jeans, flares, ripped jeans to create any look you like.

As you already know, jeans are generally considered casual. However, when paired correctly with the right colour blazer and shoes, the look can go from casual to smart casual. A pair of jeans and blazer rarely let anyone down and is a combination that can be styled with just about anything. Some people wear with a pair of sneakers. Also, for that chic airport travel look, jean and blazer can be worn with a pair of wedges, a straw hat and sunglasses.

Red and White Striped Blazer With Skinny Jeans

Today, I decided to kick aside my Nike sneakers and elevate my look from day to night with a black Christian Louboutin So Kate pumps. Interestingly, I have styled this same Zara white jeans with a kimono here.  Recycling wardrobe pieces is always fun and helps with creativity. To ensure I get the most out of my white Zara skinny jeans, I paired them with a white and red striped jacket from H&M. Don’t shy away from bright colours- the red and white looks effortlessly chic when paired with white denim.

If you are aiming for a more feminine look like I did, you can accessorise with jewellery or a vibrant fur stole. The red stripes look superb with the pipping red faux fur and also blends perfectly with the iconic red bottoms.

Fur Stole And The Iconic So Kate 120mm Pumps

Skinny Jeans and Blazer Style
Skinny Jeans and Blazer Style
Skinny Jeans and Blazer Style
Skinny Jeans and Blazer Style
Skinny Jeans and Blazer Style

White Skinny Jeans, (Here) Triangle Cage Bag (Here), Blazer (Here), Fur Stole (Here), Christian Louboutin So Kate, (Here) Lace Bodysuit (Here)

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