Cameroon|Douala allegedly Dead lady Koumate Monique is operated by desperate relatives with surgical blade in the hope of saving twins.

The story of a young woman Koumate Monique age 31 has gone viral today 12.03.2016 on social media. According to the social media theory, Monique was taken ill to the to Hôpital Laquintinie in Douala by family members today March 12, 2016, after she was noted not to be feeling unwell.

By the time the  pregnant lady and her partner got to the hospital, she already lost consciousness. She was placed on the hospital grounds in front of the emergency department where they went for help.

It is believed that a clinician at the hospital who was carrying a stethoscope around his neck then came out of the building to take a look at the patient. Who later on confirmed Monique had died without proper investigation . The clinician according to media theories then walked away from the body and closed the door behind him (supposedly due to lack of funding but this is unverified information as well)
According to Cameroon Online;

Bystanders then noted increased physical activity from the two babies still inside the deceased’s body. At some point, Monique’s female relative ran to a pharmacy nearby and came back with a surgical blade, which she used to open her abdomen. The twins were delivered that way. It is unclear at this point if the babies survived or not. Based on some reports, they both expired right after delivery following failed mouth to mouth resuscitation and other reports state that they both survived.

What makes this story  even more horrifying is not that a pregnant woman with twin died. It is the fact that, out society has failed us to the extent that we have to become surgeons by instinct to help those who are in critical situation even at a point whereby we find ourselves in front of an organisations with health professionals. Why should money come before a vocation of saving lives?

As a young Cameroonian woman, I am saddened to say this is one of the worst news stories I have come across this year. Our government has failed us greatly. The health system of Cameroon has continued to fail the members of the public. Monique’s case is fortunate enough to have come to light with the help of some members of the public. Just a couple of days after International Women’s day we lose a young promising mother in such a degrading condition. We want justice for Monique and her babies. Our first Lady Chantal Biya should step up and intercede in this matter. As a young woman, it gives me shivers to think I have family members and friends in the country who could be caught up in similar situation.

Together we can fight for justice for Monique and her family.

May her gentle soul rest in the bosom of the almighty . #JusticeForMonique

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