Despite popular belief, there really is an inspiration around us and by us I mean Africa. Inspired by the idea of an African superhero whose weapon is her hair Laeti Ky is prove of that. I began following Laeti when my obsession with natural hair kicked in. Seriously, I couldn’t believe art like that was breeding right in my backyard. 

KY says that she got the idea for creative hair art a year ago while admiring the intricate hairstyles of women from various African tribes. She found them amazing and they inspired her to use her own hair as a means of artistic expression. Her wild imagination landed her a feature in Vogue’s 100.

This Ivorian Artist Laetitia KY, Makes Amazing Sculptures With Her Natural Hair To Send Out Messages Against Body Shaming And To Spread PositivityLaeti Ky natural hair sculptures #LaetiKy Laeti Ky natural hair sculptures #LaetiKy

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 She uses her hair to create infectious art like you’ve never seen before.”I want people to see me not just as the girl who just uses her hair, but as a creative and versatile person — because I am” says the Ivorian Polyvalent artist.


Laetitia Ky began her journey with the KY Braids, then the belted dress and moved on to creating hair sculptures. At first, her hair sculptures had messages that mostly reflected her views. Recently, she has been using her huge following to spread positivity. One of Laeti’s captions on Instagram reads ‘slay with your big nose, big lips, and your savage hair’ and it is with such boldness that she attempts to stand up against conventional standards of beauty.

Laeti Ky natural hair sculptures #LaetiKy Laeti Ky natural hair sculptures #LaetiKy Laeti Ky natural hair sculptures #LaetiKy

I would never be able to exhaust Laeti Ky’s uniqueness and creativity in a single post. I would, therefore, advise you to head on to her Instagram Page for more natural hair inspiration.


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