Your highly anticipated holiday is around the corner and you are hyper thrilled to escape the cold weather and jet off into sunny wonderland. You are anxious and cannot wait for your last day at work. A lot of planning has been done in the months leading up to the holiday season but you still find yourself having so much to do and a lot of last minute gift shopping if you are travelling to see family around the world.

We all go through the same anxiety each time we are making another trip. Even the frequent flyers do have a checklist of  Do’s & Don’t leading up to their travel date. Whether you are off for a romantic break,family trip or all-inclusive to make your trip relaxed and stress free, here with a list of things to get sorted before you start you journey.

1) Book your travel ticket at least a couple of months before you travel. Airlines are constantly changing their prices. The earlier you make a reservation the cheaper it will be for you unless you are flying business covered by a company.

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2)Passport & Visas. Make sure you have a valid passport and visa to enter the country you are travelling to. Do not assume  these things. Do your research and make sure legal documents are checked

Once the first two have been checked, it is now time to think of what you will be doing while on holiday. The geographical location should help determine what you are taking along and what you are leaving behind in terms of fabric,design,colour. You don’t want to end up with too many bottoms and no tops to compliment them. Take some time to think events through. Think weddings,night out,family parties,beach  and most importantly accessories are a must have. This will serve as a guideline of what goes into your luggage.

Weddings? Think numbers and dress code. You want to make sure you look out for the little details that are  most important to the couple to make their day special. Consider how many invites you have that will determine outfit numbers


Accessories for your outfit and walk in style. Shoes are are my fav wardrobe collection. Invest in the right pair and walk on your monies.

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Handbags and clutches carry our essentials everywhere we go. Now ladies is the time to make up your mind about which you are jetting off with.

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Everyday clothing as you enjoy your holiday from the beach to the clubs and maybe just just relaxing with friends and family.

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If you like any of the items featured on this article, click on it and it will redirect you to the store where you can make purchase directly. looking to treat someone special this christmas with a great gift, stop by again for my next post which is all about treating your special one to a great christmas.

Wishing you a safe trip as you travel the world this season.


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