The Pillow Challenge

Hey guys, there’s a new challenge gaining momentum on social media, especially Instagram. The Pillow Challenge seems to be the latest viral Challenge in tow since the outbreak of Coronavirus COVID-19. In three weeks, we have had the Don’t Rush Challenge, Climax Challenge initiated by Usher and many more.

2020 will most definitely go down history as the year humanity was challenged the most. As you already know, after the explosion of the deadly pandemic virus COVID-19, many governments around the world shut down its borders. Also, strict rules have been imposed with a global lockdown to help control the rapid spread of the virus.

The Pillow Challenge- COVID-19 Lockdown

The Pillow Challenge
The Pillow Challenge
The Pillow Challenge

With the lockdown now in almost the fourth week across most of Europe, Africa, America and the rest of the world, people have continuously come up with ways to stay active. Social media has helped the world remain connected, taking part in challenges and fun activities to help the world bond and heal simultaneously.

Global Lockdown and Social Connections

Through these social media challenges, we have laughed, cried, connected with people from around the world and made virtual friends. The latest in the series of social bonding activities uniting people through the global lockdown is the Pillow Challenge. Who could ever imagine that the pillow we sleep on every day, cry on, cuddle on could suddenly become so haute? Pillow couture has taken over Instagram with the now-viral hashtag #pillowchallenge. We don’t know who initiated this fashionable idea and when it all started.

Haute Pillowcase Dress
Haute Pillowcase Dress
Haute Pillowcase Dress
Haute Pillow Dress

However, what we do know is, we have accepted the call to dare because why not? It is fun, easy, affordable and out of this world ingenious. All it takes is a pillow with silk, wool, fur, cotton cover worn like a dress and fastened with a belt. The belt helps to accentuate the waistline. The idea is beautiful and simple as all truly great swindles are lol. The Dutch in old Amsterdam does it, not to mention the Finns. People say in Europe, every influencer is doing it. Interestingly, no prominent African influencers on Instagram has done it.

Without a doubt, this is a fun dare. Do it with your family and make use of all the John Lewis Luxury pillows in your home. If you are lucky to be quarantined with a buddy, you can twin in the same pillowcase or wear different pillowcases for a more fun look.

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