Designers have gotten into the habit of hijacking “statement” in their fashion designs. But the recent catchy phrase innovation in the style industry blended with colour,unique patterns,are just what keep loyal customers flogging in store and  online to get their hands on.

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Yes, statements are great in stating a point. That is why I always aim at making a strong fashion statement in each outfit. Pair your statement jumper with a mini skirt,culottes,denim and a classic trainers or slip-ons. The secret is keeping it simple. Don’t try wearing your wardrobe all at once. Keep jewellery at its minimum to draw attention to the whole outfit.

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Now you are good to go. Enjoy your casual weekend. If you feel inspired why not share with us a picture of you wearing a sloganed tee or jumper. We love to style steal and recreate looks. Thank you for visiting today. If you have a selfie you want to share, you can enter the competition on I RepCamer.



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