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African Best Beverages

Syndy Emade has joined the trend of celebrities’ beverages endorser in her latest collabo with African Best Beverages. ABB partnered with Syndy potentially for more bang for the buck with her growing popularity. Syndy arguably is one of the most followed and admired actresses from Cameroon and has recently become very influential. It is fair to say celebrities and beverages are natural teammates as beverages play a huge role in their sets.

The ad opens with Syndy sitting on a park feeling suddenly energised as she begins to run along. She runs past a cyclist, a motorist and a roadside trader. Viewers can see cold bottles of the drink falling into the hands of people going about their business.
Interestingly, the advert runs in French and English targeting consumption from a bilingual speaking population. Judging by the images, great things come in small packages so are the very refreshing wines in beer bottles.

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Made in Cameroon Products- Syndy Emade- Mammypi FashionTV Made in Cameroon Products- Syndy Emade- Mammypi FashionTV

Made In Cameroon Drinks- Syndy Emade African Best Beverages- Syndy Emade- Mammypi FashionTV

African Best Beverages

Finally, everyone can consume good quality wine at an affordable price. African best beverages limited. Offers you Portuguese quality wine like no one else.

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