Latest African Print Jumpsuits

Hi guys, I am back with another stylish instalment of an African print jumpsuit by media personality Mimi Kayla. You already know my job is to share with you the best fashion finds and tips to help with your own style. It’s been only a couple months now since I wrote the now viral post about stylish Ankara jumpsuits.

Latest African Print Jumpsuit

Just like it was said in that article, Ankara jumpsuits are considered one of the most stylish jumpsuits on trend. Even though jumpsuits have been a constant in women’s fashion, African print has added a new twist to them. Because of the vibrant and eye-popping colours and patterns, African print jumpsuits are more playful and stylish.

You will agree with me that Mimi looks unapologetically stunning and elegant in this stylish onesie. Designed and styled by Collebene Fabrics, we cannot help but love the blend of white and green. Again, the long sleeve details with cut-out shoulder area to show some skin is genius. The flare trouser bottom and snatched waistline give the outfit instant appeal and versatility. Perfect fit and great body Mimi.

In case you want to reveal your flirty and playful side, this African print jumpsuit is the perfect jumpsuit to get your groove on. You can dress it up or down depending on your mood and the occasion. Wear it effortlessly with your afro wig or natural hair like Mimi, or put on your best Brazillian hair and you are still good.

Scroll down to see the pictures and tell us at the end what you think.


Latest African Print stylish Jumpsuit

Latest African Print stylish Jumpsuits

Latest African Print stylish Jumpsuits

Latest African Print Jumpsuits

Latest African Print stylish Jumpsuits

Latest African Print Jumpsuits
Mimi shows off Nappy hair and looks back at her fans

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