Basketball Game Outfit Ideas

Celebrating your birthday courtside absolutely deserves an appropriate basketball game outfit. Hence, our girl Norah, who celebrates her birthday today, January 16, rocked it in style at Staples Center on Tuesday, in honor of her birthday celebration. Home of the LA Lakers Basketball team, Staples Center is, on the whole, an ideal location for a birthday filled with music and fun times.

Birthday Celebration at Staples Center – Home of the L.A. Lakers

Remarkably, even celebrities have used Staples Center to celebrate their birthdays. Specifically, in 2015, Kim Kardashian rented out the entire Staples Center for birthday celebrations. You read that right. Yes, indeed.

Watching a Live Game to Celebrate your Birthday

Given these points and with Basketball season in full swing, why not celebrate your birthday by catching a live game? Hands down, the energy of the crowd alone is fit to get your blood boiling. Although the Center is packed and noisy, the ambience is pulsating, electric, and downright exhilarating. Besides, getting to see those slam dunks and buzzer beaters in real life is something you’ll never forget.

Basketball Gameday Outfit

Certainly, Norah knows how to celebrate in style. In true diva style, she turned it up with her basketball game outfit. Rocking skinny jeans and a Lakers #23 Jersey in honor of King James, the birthday girl gave us the perfect mix of dressy and casual. Did you spot the and studded purple pointy-toe stilettos she rocked? Without a doubt, she looked dynamite!

So now over to you. Are you wondering how to celebrate your birthday in style? Better still are you simply pumped to watch a live basketball game? By all means, if it’s something you’ve never done before, you might want to give it a shot. However, maybe basketball is not your thing. Then, why not try football (American football that is!), tennis or soccer. After all, no matter which sport you choose, just know that either way, you are guaranteed to have a great time!

Happy birthday my darling Lovie and many more blessed years to you!

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Basketball Game Outfit Ideas
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Basketball Game Outfit Ideas
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Basketball Game Outfit Ideas
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Basketball Game Outfit Ideas
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Basketball Game Outfit Ideas
No fun going alone. Make sure you bring a friend or friends!

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